Chupa The Movie

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In 1996, a researcher named Richard Quinn goes to San Javier to chase down the legendary animal called the chupacabra. He accepts that the animal’s mending powers can change medication. While pursuing a chupacabra with an offspring, the harmed mother leaves her fledgling concealed to lead the researchers away.

After the passing of his dad, Beto, 13-year-old Alex flies to Mexico to meet his more distant family interestingly. On his most memorable evening, he finds a youthful chupacabra offspring and keeps it stowed away. Alex meets his granddad Chava, his wrestling-fixated cousin Notice, and his daring cousin Luna. He understands that the chupacabra isn’t emphatically respected and stays quiet about it.

Alex and his cousins find Chava strolling with a sire, and later they go over Quinn, who is looking for proof of the chupacabra. 

Chupa The Movie
Chupa The Movie

At the farm, they watch a news report on the dreaded chupacabra that channels on domesticated animals. Alex shows Luna that their granddad is concealing something and uncovers a little music confine he found him playing the horse shelter.

One evening, Alex finds an unusual animal in the horse shelter: a little feline like creature with bird-like wings and little yet sharp teeth. He names it Chupa and vows to safeguard it. Chava uncovers that he inadvertently hit Chupa’s parent with his vehicle and has stayed quiet about it from individuals who are hoping to take advantage of it.

Quinn acquaints himself with Chava and makes sense of that he is from an American government organization that looks for uncommon species for clinical purposes. Chava will not allow him to sneak about and offers to show a wrestling move all things being equal.


Alex guarantees Chupa that he will track down its family, and Notice trains it to fly. Chava shows Alex a video of El Perico Verde, a grappler he had shown himself, and uncovers that Beto was likewise a grappler. Alex communicates his sentiments about his dad’s passing through a wrestling coordinate with Chava.

Alex and his family set off on an experience to safeguard Chupa from Quinn and different risks.

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