Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 6th May 2023 Written Update: Amba Gets Hope

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 6th May 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein

The Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein, the episode begins with Sai offering Mango Mastani to Satya and urging him to taste it. To everyone’s surprise, Satya eats it and admits that it’s delicious. Satya’s family members are amazed to see him trying Mango Mastani for the first time since Girija’s demise, and they hope that this might bring a positive change in his relationship with Sai. Amba, who is determined to make them happy, eats the Mango Mastani and feels content. Despite Bhavani’s curse, Amba is optimistic about their future and wants them to move on in life.

Vinu is seen crying while holding Pakhi’s photo. Karishma and other family members bring Vinu’s favorite food to cheer him up, but Vinu refuses to eat and asks them to leave. Meanwhile, Satya puts Savi to sleep and Sai enters the room. Sai remarks that it’s the first time Savi has slept listening to someone else’s story. Amba then arrives with a gift for Sai’s Pehli Rasoi and offers to take Savi to her room so that Sai and Satya can start their family. However, Satya suggests that they let Savi sleep there and Amba agrees. Satya tells Sai that they have to endure the teasing from the family for some time.

Vinu calls Sai and informs her that his mother has left him. He expresses his disappointment as Sai had promised to keep his family together, but it has broken apart. Vinu requests Sai to meet him. Sai assures him that she is coming. Satya offers to drop Sai and they leave. Amba tries to stop them, but they go ahead anyway. Amba wonders where they are going and Taji tells her to let them live their life.

The episode continues with Satya dropping Sai and offering to come inside with her. However, Sai declines his offer and tells him to return home. Meanwhile, Virat and Mohit return home and reveal to everyone that they couldn’t find Pakhi anywhere. The family members begin to wonder why Pakhi left the house suddenly. Ashwini asks Virat what he said to Pakhi, and he explains that he told Pakhi to leave him alone in his inebriated state, and he didn’t expect her to leave the house.

As they are discussing this, the doorbell rings, and Ashwini asks Virat to open the door as it could be Pakhi. However, they are surprised to see Sai at the door. Sai explains that Vinu called her to come over and that he needs her. Virat refuses to let Sai enter the house and orders her to leave. However, Ashwini asks him to allow Sai to come in, but Virat still refuses.

Sai pleads with Virat to let her meet Vinu, and he tries to close the door. However, Sai stops him and says that she won’t leave until she meets Vinu. Just then, Vinu comes there and calls Doctor Aunty. Sai enters the house, and Vinu hugs her.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein Written Update

Satya explains to Amba that Sai went to meet Vinu as he needed her support in a difficult time. Amba gets upset and warns Satya that if Sai continues to visit Chavan’s house frequently, they might have to leave Nagpur. Satya assures her that Sai will not do anything to harm their family’s reputation and they will handle the situation tactfully. Gauri and Maddy also try to convince Amba to let Sai visit Chavan’s house as they need to support each other during tough times. However, Amba remains adamant and leaves the room in anger.

Vinu expresses his concern about his mother leaving him and Sai tries to comfort him by asking him to eat. Vinu refuses to eat until his mother comes back. Sai tries to reassure him by saying that Pakhi is probably just hiding somewhere as she is angry and will return once she cools down since she can’t stay away from him. Vinu asks Sai if she is sure and Sai confidently agrees. Sai then convinces Vinu to eat and promises to search for his mother and bring her back. Meanwhile, Virat and the rest of his family members observe Sai feeding Vinu.

[Episode Ends Here]

In the upcoming episode, Sai is seen leaving the Chavan nivas when Virat stops her and asks her to stop calling herself Mrs. Adhikari. He tells her that she is married to Satya now, and she should never come to his place. Virat asserts that he will take care of Vinu, which leads to a heated argument between Virat and Sai. Sai rebukes Virat and tells him that he can never take care of Vinu as he has always been selfish and never cared for his family. The situation seems to be escalating, and it remains to be seen how the conflict between Sai and Virat will resolve.

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