Bloody Daddy Set To Release: Rumours Around Shahid Kapoor’s Enormous Fees

Shahid Kapoor Bloody Daddy

Bloody Daddy set to Release: Rumours around Shahid Kapoor’s Enormous Fees Speculations say Shahid Kapoor charged fee for “Bloody Daddy,” a staggering sum of Rs. 40 crores. The highly anticipated Ali Abbas Zafar film, “Bloody Daddy,” is set to hit the screens on June 9, captivating audiences with a brand-new role for Shahid Kapoor. While the teasers and trailer of this direct-to-OTT movie have already made a significant impact and piqued the interest of the general public, it is no secret that the production of this film has been quite expensive. Speculations have been rife about the remuneration demanded by …

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