Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Latest Written Updates, Episodes & News 15th June 2023

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th June 2023 Written Episode Update


The 15th June 2023 episode of “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” begins with Abhi and Abhinav making kachoris, bringing joy to the household. Manish observes the scene with a smile, indicating that everything is fine. The conversation takes a lighthearted turn as Manjiri jokingly asks if Kairav would sit on a giraffe. Abhir and Ruhi join in, questioning why the horse is always chosen. This playful banter continues, creating a warm and light atmosphere in the family.

Akshara’s Memories

During the conversation, Dadi recalls Akshara’s past incident, where she cut her dress to protect her hairstyle during Akshu’s Nani’s marriage. Suwarna also shares a memory of Kartik and Naira’s wedding, mentioning the missing varmala. Laughter fills the room as they remember these incidents. Manish recalls how a camel ate the varmala, adding to the amusing tales. Amidst the conversation, Kairav expresses his preference for walking during his future marriage, which brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Abhi and Abhinav’s Presence

Manish notices Abhi and Abhinav’s presence and seems satisfied with the situation. Meanwhile, Muskaan receives a message from Dev, which catches Manjiri’s attention. Sensing Muskaan’s unease, Manjiri observes Abhi and Akshu, their interactions indicating a connection. As the episode progresses, Abhir and Ruhi return, and Manish reassures everyone that everything is fine.

Kairav’s Bachelor’s Party

Kairav receives a call and discusses his upcoming marriage and bachelor’s party. Disappointed by his friends’ absence, he expresses his desire for a memorable celebration. Unexpectedly, Akshu and Aarohi enter the scene, attempting to be his male companions. Kairav rejects their proposal, considering them creepy, but they persist with their humorous banter. Eventually, Kairav relents and agrees to go with them.

A Memorable Night

Akshu and Aarohi plan a surprise bachelor’s party for Kairav. They indulge in mocktails, celebrating the unique occasion of sisters organizing a bachelor’s party for their brother. Amidst their conversations, they delve into discussions about children, prompting Kairav to interrupt and remind them that it’s his bachelor’s party, not a family gathering. They apologize and share a laugh, maintaining a light-hearted atmosphere.

Surprises and Confusion

As the evening progresses, Kairav receives a call from Muskaan, who eagerly awaits his arrival. At the same time, Dev contacts Muskaan and shares their engagement news. However, when Kairav returns, he finds Akshu and Aarohi dancing, causing him to stop the festivities. He discovers that they were mistakenly served cocktails instead of mocktails, which explains their behavior. Kairav jokingly refers to two men staring at them as his sisters, amusingly emphasizing their bond.

A Comedic Interlude

Akshu and Aarohi continue their playful banter, drawing laughter from Kairav. However, he soon realizes that Akshu and Aarohi are missing. He becomes concerned and wonders where they have gone. To his surprise, he finds them dancing and joking with two strangers. Feeling exasperated, Kairav decides to end the party and return home.

Muskaan’s Revelation

Muskaan receives a call from Kairav and expresses her relief at hearing from him. She informs him that Surekha was asking about his whereabouts. During their conversation, Dev contacts Muskaan and instructs her to inform Surekha that he is with Akshu and Aarohi. He mentions meeting her the following day and expresses his love. Muskaan reads the message and learns that they are now engaged, providing a delightful surprise for her.

Kairav’s Return

Kairav arrives home, accompanied by Akshu. He instructs her to stay put while he fetches a glass of water. Akshu takes the opportunity to confess her love for him, believing it’s the right moment. However, as she turns to face him, she is shocked to see Abhi instead.


The 15th June 2023 episode of “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” offers a light-hearted and entertaining sequence of events. Kairav’s bachelor’s party takes an unexpected turn with the arrival of Akshu and Aarohi, leading to humorous situations and heartwarming moments. Meanwhile, Akshu’s confession of love takes an unexpected twist when she encounters Abhi instead of Kairav. As the episode concludes, viewers are left wondering about the implications of this encounter.

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